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Peter’s Mission For The Less Privileged organization, also known as non-governmental organization is inadvertently, a very important result-oriented platform through which the desired and sustainable turning around of the lives of the needy in the society can be guaranteed. To a very large extent, it is a realistic instrument designed with the aim of rendering certain free services in the area of education, financial assistance and medical services for different categories of such individuals so as to give them a sense of belonging.

The alarming rate of poverty in our society today, in addition to the undesirable circumstances that surrounds many individuals, particularly the orphans and those that are suffering from one form of perpetual health deformity or the other, calls for passionate concern by the relevant government’s authorities, corporate organizations and well-meaning individuals.

In advanced societies like UK, India, America and the rest of them, issues bordering on socio-economic wellbeing of the less privileged are always treated with utmost priority. Although, there may be several NGOs in Nigeria but the fact remains that not many of them keep to their conventional social responsibility of assisting the people with some challenges without attaching how much profit he or she stands to derive from it at the end of the day and this scenario strongly negates the aims and objectives of NGOs in totality.

Non-Governmental Organisations are supposed to, as much as possible, put profit making agenda aside as they are established to bring the much needed succour to the people.

Today, there seems to be a wider deviation or gap between their set goals (service delivery) and their unfolding realities as over 80% of the stakeholders who are into such ventures which ought to be a vehicle to assist people with financial distress, the elderly, medical services and even educational aid to the less privileged, the orphans as well as those confronted with health deformity, have incidentally converted charity organisations to achieve their self-aggrandizement, thereby running them like profit making ventures.

On regular intervals, they source for financial support and other logistics from the international agencies like the World Health Organisation (WHO), the World Bank and other donor agencies but the truth is that, most of them do not use the money to actualize the purpose for which it is given. Moreover, it is Christly clear that, few of such NGOs have genuine intention.

This is obviously our situation in Nigeria and it is traced to the increasing level of poverty, which has subjected most of the Chief Executive Officers of NGOs to be as greedy as to the level of duping international organisations under the pretense of using same for the betterment of the less privileged.

Taking care of the under privileged could be carried out through diverse approaches, it is either through financial aid, provision of free health care services, free education and the rest of them. In Delta State as a whole, there is one God sent indigene of Isoko in Oghenerurie community in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State who is so engrossed and determined to ensure that the welfare of her people, apparently the less privileged in the area are given adequate attention through her individual efforts.

He is by name Onoriobe Peter Smith, a Deltan from Isoko and the founder and the President of a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with the Nigeria Government, known as the Peter’s Mission For The Less Privileged, which is specifically set up to positively respond to the needs of the people with some challenges. Moreover, the mission of the foundation is to change the lives of the less privileged children and youths, give them a better future and most especially, to ensure that children in need are not denied opportunity to harness their potentials to the fullest.

The Peter’s Mission For The Less Privileged, established in 2007 also helps the families of so many late Nigerian Police Officers, Prisoners and communities in the area of provision of the latest technology in Education, Health, Youth Development and the provision of acceptable shelter for children in need. Onoriobe Peter Smith with his sound Christian background did not waste time in showing sensitivity to the feelings of the under privileged and bringing her wealth of experience to bear from the Diaspora in the development of her people.

In an ideal society, persons with such rare visions that would benefit mankind need to be accorded all round encouragement so as to sustain the vision that have. The government should wholeheartedly embrace the initiative of Onoriobe Peter Smith in his determination to affect lives, and who is presently using his hard earned money to give hope to the hopeless in the society.

It is disheartening to note that in our society, issues concerning the less privileged are often time treated with levity; people are concerned with what they can gain without considering what they should give back to the society. But this indefatigable character, a man of uncommon substance and a good ambassador of --kingdom, Onoriobe Peter Smith laudable initiative is precedence for others to follow.

One thing that beats one’s imagination is that he is so focused, so proactive and quite enthusiastic about the future; I mean looking beyond his set goals. Against this backdrop, the founder of the Peter’s Mission For The Less Privileged disclosed at the lunching of the organisation, but emphasized that anybody who deem it fit to support him on magnanimous ground can do that for the interest of the under privileged in the area.

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